Ultra Cantilever Automatic Vision Measuring Machine


Functional Features

. The main structure of granite has high stability, small deformation and high precision.
. Three axis THK precision linear guide rail ensures machine accuracy and stability.
. 0.1um RSF micro expansion coefficient high-precision grating ruler.
. Yuanxing Jiguzi 12:1 high-definition automatic zoom navigation lens, dual CCD programming is faster.
. Four axis CNC servo control system, three axis motion control+lens zoom automatic
. 5-ring and 8-zone circular light source, LED parallel transmission light source.
. Reliable joystick control machine, fast and slow switching, convenient for on-site use.
. Optional: DXF offline conversion, higher host productivity.
. Optional: Spectral confocal laser, 3D line laser, coaxial light, contact probe.

Technical Indicators

Overall Dimension


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