Are there any specific operating skills or steps required to use the Square seat large field of view microscope?

Publish Time: 2024-05-24
When using a Square seat large field of view microscope, the following are some specific operating tips or steps:

Remove and place the microscope:

Hold the microscope arm with your right hand, hold the microscope base with your left hand, and gently place the microscope on the laboratory table to ensure stability.

Usually, the microscope should be placed about 7 cm from the edge of the laboratory table and slightly to the left.


Turn the converter to align the low-power objective lens with the light hole, and ensure that the front end of the objective lens is at an appropriate distance from the stage.

Choose a larger aperture to align the light hole, and look into the eyepiece with your left eye (open your right eye to facilitate drawing or recording at the same time).

Turn the reflector to reflect the light through the light hole into the lens barrel until a bright white field of view is seen in the eyepiece.

Place the sample:

Place the slide specimen to be observed on the stage, press it with a slide clamp, and ensure that the specimen is facing the center of the light hole.

Adjusting the focal length:

Turn the coarse focusing screw to slowly lower the lens barrel until the objective lens approaches the glass specimen (look at the objective lens to prevent the objective lens from hitting the glass specimen).

Look into the eyepiece with your left eye, and at the same time turn the coarse focusing screw in the opposite direction to slowly raise the lens barrel until the image is clear.

Slightly turn the fine focusing screw to make the image clearer.

Observation and recording:

Carefully observe the various parts of the specimen, determine the parts that need further observation, and move them to the center of the field of view.

Use drawing tools or software to record the observed images and data.

Changing the objective lens:

If you need to change the objective lens for higher magnification observation, you need to be careful to avoid collision between the lens and the glass slide.

When switching the objective lens, it is best to observe from the side with your eyes to ensure that the distance between the objective lens and the stage is appropriate.

Cleaning and maintenance:

After use, clean the microscope in time to ensure that the lens and stage and other parts are free of dust and stains.

Perform regular maintenance and care, such as checking the light source, replacing the bulb, cleaning the lens barrel, etc.

Please note that the specific operating steps may vary depending on the microscope model and brand. Therefore, before actual operation, it is recommended to read the microscope manual carefully and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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